"Frankenfood" in South Africa

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Mon Jul 19 16:39:59 UTC 1999

    This "Frankenfood" thing is a hot topic now in South Africa.  It's in
today's Capetown daily newspaper.
    The June/July 1999 HEALTH INDEPENDENT has a special feature on "Genetic
Modification."  On page 20 is this story headline:


    (Again, Mary Shelley really should have named Frankenstein's
monster--Frankenstein is the doctor.)
    A web site for Genetically Manipulated Food News should be
    LONGEVITY magazine has a South African edition--that famous South African
Cindy Crawford is on the cover.  One story in the August 1999 edition is
"Superfoods: Genetically superior, but are they safe?"  A subhead is: "The
vast new biotechnology industry with its capacity to change the planet, has
created a host of new words like 'bio-ethics' and 'bio-enzymes'.  It has also
created controversy and deep unease.  There's one big bio-question: it's
clever--but is it wise?"
    This is from pg. 58:

    Lack of information has made it easy for us to be dazzled by science, and
for some scientists to mock our "hysterical" reaction to what tabloids have
dubbed "Frankenfoods."  Environmentalists warn we must beware of greenwash,
the misinformation put out by scientists and economists the world over to
legitimise their illegitimate experiments.  In researching this article, I
found many South African examples.

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