Evan Morris words1 at WORD-DETECTIVE.COM
Thu Jul 22 01:22:27 UTC 1999

A reader asked me the following question, and I haven't been able to find
anything.  Does "spongotius" ring a bell with anyone?


My grandfather was a colorful man and used colorful language even
when he wasn't swearing.  In our house there was no higher compliment for an
outstanding meal than my grandfather leaning back, loosening his belt and
proclaiming the feast "Spongotius!" (say spun-GOAT-e-us)  Growing up I said
it and found myself  embarrassed when someone called attention to the fact
that they had never heard of the word.  Now that I am older and wiser I find
it charming to think that my grandfather might have invented the word.

I have searched but never found anything close.  I have even looked in
Gaelic dictionaries as he and we are of Irish descent.


Evan Morris
words1 at word-detective.com

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