Kennedy curse; CNN stands for--

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Fri Jul 30 22:52:32 UTC 1999


     A check on Dow Jones shows 227 news hits for "Kennedy curse," with 182
hits within the last ten days.  "Kennedy curse" has been used in newspapers
as far away as Singapore and China.
     A check of the Reader's Guide for 1960s Kennedy articles didn't turn up
"Kennedy curse."  The earliest appear to be these two books:

THE KENNEDY CURSE (1969) by Richard Marvin.
THE KENNEDY CURSE (1976) by Arthur Gatti.


    In today's New York Post, it's stated that C.N.N. stands for "Caught
Napping Network" because they were scooped on the Atlanta day trader killer
    The most frequent C.N.N. appears to be "Clinton News Network," with
48,000 matches on


    You go all the way to South Africa, and then give a colleague at work an
ostrich-feather "COMPUTER DUSTER," and then the guy says:  "Thanks!  I don't
have a computer at home!  Does it work on a tv?"

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