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>Subject: Mormon tea
>Can anyone help with this? What we know already: ephedra is a well-known
>stimulant often used in bodybuilding and dieting.

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>>Subject: Mormon tea
>>Can you help me understand this phrase: Mormon tea.  It is a scrubby plant
>>(ephedra), but whether it was used
>>by Mormons as a non-caffeinated beveredge, or is some kind of reference I
>>do not know.  I'd appreciate any
>>clarification as I am writing an article about pioneers.

Mormon tea is also known as brigham tea.  The one Utahn (LDS) I've
discussed it with wasn't familiar with the first term.

It was indeed used as a tea.

One older dictionary I've looked it up in explained that it was called
Mormon tea because of its medical qualities.  It was effective against
syphilis; and polygamy made the Mormons more susceptible to venereal
disease.  This is probably several kinds of nonsense.

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