"Windy City" in Sunday's Tribune Magazine

Barry A. Popik Bapopik at AOL.COM
Mon May 3 01:26:23 UTC 1999

    "Any way the wind blows" by Rick Kogan is in today's (2 May 1999) Chicago
Tribune, Magazine Section.  It's an article about how Chicago got it's
nickname, "the Windy City."
    It's completely wrong.
    Now, I'm not writing that paper again!  I sent in my stuff once!  I sent
in my stuff twice, the second time to its readers ombudsman.  I was curtly
told the paper doesn't accept "unsolicited material."  They haven't
"solicited" me to correct them, so I won't.
   But the lot of you--Gerald Cohen, Alan Metcalf, whomever--may go to
www.chicagotribune.com and write a letter to the editor.  The more the
   As it appears now, I most certainly will not go to the 1999 MLA in
Chicago, or visit that town ever again.

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