"Windy City" in Sunday's Tribune Magazine

Paul Ivsin paul at IMPLICATURE.COM
Mon May 3 17:52:17 UTC 1999

Kogan's article is not available on the Tribune web site anymore.  Can you
briefly summarize it, since the archive is unavailable?

As a lifelong resident, I've always heard the "overzealous civic boosterism"
theory, which is summarized on the city's web site (see below).  Is this the
origin Kogan put forward?

>From "Chicago Official Symbols"

"The origin of the "Windy City" nickname is a bit more obscure. It is based
not on the wind velocity, but on loud and windy boosterism. In the early
part of the nineteenth century, Chicago promoters went up and down the East
Coast loudly promoting Chicago as an excellent place to invest. Detractors
claimed they were full of wind. Later, Chicago and New York were competing
to hold the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition. Charles A. Dana, editor of
the New York Sun, wrote an editorial advising against the "nonsensical
claims of that windy city. Its people could not hold a world's fair even if
they won it." This editorial is widely credited with popularizing the "Windy
City" nickname. "


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