"Join the Army/Navy and See the World"

Barry A. Popik Bapopik at AOL.COM
Sun May 9 01:40:48 UTC 1999

     "Join the Army and See the World" was in OUR ARMY, October 1930, pg. 17.
 It was a continuing header for a joke column and appeared later--it might
have appeared earlier as well.
     It wasn't in the RHHDAS under "join," but may make it under "see" or

"Join the navy and see the world.  SLOGAN (AMERICAN)"
--RANDOM HOUSE WEBSTER'S QUOTATIONARY (1999) by Leonard Roy Frank, pg. 541.

     Did it begin in the army, the navy, or in both?  Frank gives no citation.

"_join the army and see the world--the next world!_  A ruefully jocular gibe
uttered by disgruntled soldiers; since c. 1948.  Poking fun at the recruiting
slogan, 'Join the army and see the world.'"
--A DICTIONARY OF CATCH PHRASES (1977) by Eric Partridge, pg. 129.

"Join the army.  Visit strange and exotic places.  Meet fascinating people.
And kill them.  SAYING (AMERICAN) 1960s."

     Maybe I'll just see the world and leave it at that.

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