"Clam" (slang term for Scientologist)

Barry A. Popik Bapopik at AOL.COM
Mon May 10 13:27:29 UTC 1999

      I did a check for "Columbine" and "slang" and didn't come up with much.
 There's "420" and "the trenchcoat mafia."
      Someone wrote that the shooters were "clams" (Scientologists).  There
were 1400 hits for "clam"/"Scientologist" on the Usenet database.  Why no
entry in the RHHDAS?  How old is the term?  Is it because its members are

---------------------------------------------ELECTRONIC DATABASES

     I checked "re-engineering" on the Making of America database.  There was
one hit.  It was a word break "re-" in one column and the word "engineering"
in the next column!!
    Does anyone know how to search the Congressional Record online?  Why
isn't the whole thing in a digital format?  Isn't this the first thing the
Library of Congress should have done?  I'm looking through the 1950s ("Making
a federal case of it" and others).  Is that time period of the CR digital?
If not, when can I expect it to be?

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