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Other online sources for fed. regs include:


I have some 40 or more sites in my bookmarks that offer legal resources of one kind
or another. They are all free. My bookmarks include sites for Michigan law, the
state in which I practice.


Fred Shapiro wrote:

> On Mon, 10 May 1999, Barry A. Popik wrote:
> >     Does anyone know how to search the Congressional Record online?  Why
> > isn't the whole thing in a digital format?  Isn't this the first thing the
> > Library of Congress should have done?  I'm looking through the 1950s ("Making
> > a federal case of it" and others).  Is that time period of the CR digital?
> > If not, when can I expect it to be?
> Lexis, Westlaw, and Thomas have the Congressional Record back to the
> 1980s.  Library of Congress American Memory plans to digitize the CR's
> predecessor, the Congressional Globe.  I do not believe that any other
> time periods of the CR are available online.  For the future, I would bet
> that Congressional Universe or American Memory will eventually have the
> complete CR digitized, but I don't know how when this will happen.
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