"Clam" (slang term for Scientologist)

abatef abatef at COMPUSERVE.COM
Wed May 12 18:34:14 UTC 1999

ADS listers,

Just a point of info re the query on Congreessional Record and replies to
that:  The CR is the record of the proceedings in Congress (House and
Senate), and is quite different from the Federal Register, which is the
place where fed regulations (as proposed and promulgated by fed agencies,
at the behest of Congress) get published.  Fed Regs have been available for
some years as electronic files.  Don't know about CR.

Separately, the US Code, which is the codified version of all the current
federal statutes, is also available electronically.  CD-ROM was avail a few
years ago, may be online now.

Frank Abate

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