slang "Soda"

Gerald Cohen gcohen at UMR.EDU
Sat May 15 01:59:40 UTC 1999

   The other day I saw a humorous TV ad on CNBC--I believe it was for
E-Trade.  A supreme (but hilarious) office nerd  has been asked by his boss
(Mr. Bigg) to help him with his online trading, and the boss is delighted
with the help he is getting from the young nerd.

    The nerd responds in kind, and at one point gets carried a bit away and
addresses his boss as "Soda."  If I heard it right, he said: "Hey, Soda!
Oops, sorry Mr. Bigg."

   Did I hear this right?  Did the nerd really address his boss as "Soda"?
If so, where does this Soda as a term of address come from?

----Gerald Cohen

gcohen at

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