Among the New Words

Barry A. Popik Bapopik at AOL.COM
Tue May 18 03:30:48 UTC 1999

     What did I get myself into?
     I'm holding in my hot little hands (my college bud loved that phrase)
two future installments of "Among the New Words."  The upcoming ATNW
installments are listings of computer and internet terms.
     But no one seems to have checked the internet!!

INFO-BARRAGE--20 April 1998 Newsweek (1-12-97 on usenet).
INFO-GADGET--28 April 1997 Newsweek (8-1-96 on usenet).
INFOWAR-- 16 July 1995 Washington Post (5-16-95 on usenet).
INFO-STRESSED--28 July 1997 Newsweek (10-22-96 on usenet "INFO-STRESS").
INFOTOPIA--27 January 1997 Newsweek (4-8-96 on usenet).
INSTA-CHECK--8 November 1998 Sunday Patriot-News, Harrisburg PA (7-11-96

    I've got only about a hundred more pages to check.  I hope I make it
before my "In the Footsteps of Lynne Murphy" South Africa tour begins!
     TYPING ERRORS I HAVE KNOWN:  "Jeruslame" was just the wrong fingers.
"Armeica"  was supposed to be "America," but I was thinking about "Army."
"Innoculation" was an innocent mistake.

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