Among the New Words

Wayne Glowka wglowka at MAIL.GCSU.EDU
Tue May 18 13:41:01 UTC 1999

Barry Popik wrote:

>     What did I get myself into?

I ask myself that question a lot.

Wayne Glowka

>     I'm holding in my hot little hands (my college bud loved that phrase)
>two future installments of "Among the New Words."  The upcoming ATNW
>installments are listings of computer and internet terms.
>     But no one seems to have checked the internet!

But now we have you.  Happy hunting!  Thanks for the ante-dating.

>INFO-BARRAGE--20 April 1998 Newsweek (1-12-97 on usenet).
>INFO-GADGET--28 April 1997 Newsweek (8-1-96 on usenet).
>INFOWAR-- 16 July 1995 Washington Post (5-16-95 on usenet).
>INFO-STRESSED--28 July 1997 Newsweek (10-22-96 on usenet "INFO-STRESS").
>INFOTOPIA--27 January 1997 Newsweek (4-8-96 on usenet).
>INSTA-CHECK--8 November 1998 Sunday Patriot-News, Harrisburg PA (7-11-96

>    I've got only about a hundred more pages to check.  I hope I make it
>before my "In the Footsteps of Lynne Murphy" South Africa tour begins!
>     TYPING ERRORS I HAVE KNOWN:  "Jeruslame" was just the wrong fingers.
>"Armeica"  was supposed to be "America," but I was thinking about "Army."
>"Innoculation" was an innocent mistake.

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