Cheese curds

Mariann Maris sarim at CSD.UWM.EDU
Wed Nov 3 13:40:19 UTC 1999

A few years ago, my husband and I stopped regularly at a small cheese
factory in northern Wisconsin.  We timed our visit in order to buy "fresh"
cheese curds.

        In the cheese making process, milk is dumped into huge stainless
steel vats.  Rennet is mixed into the milk so that the milk solids are
separated from the liquids (little Miss Muppet ate curds and whey).  These
milk solids are chopped into curds and salted after all the whey is
pumped off. (About 10% of milk is solid.)

The little cheese factory we visited no longer exists.  The curds (those
we didn't buy)) were packed into containers and shipped to other cheese
processing plants where the curds were processed into American cheese.

The discussion about cheese curds brings back memories of a time in
Wisconsin where small operative dairy farms peppered the landscape.
Cheese factories were numerous too.  No longer the case ---

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