Cheese curds

James Smith jsmithjamessmith at YAHOO.COM
Thu Nov 4 17:29:18 UTC 1999

Fresh (unbattered and uncooked) cheese curds are sold
in most dairy co-op and cheese factory stores in Utah,
Idaho, and Wyoming, and can also be bought in some
grocery stores.

On the related "string cheese" subject, pasta filata
is a process that is used to manufacture several
different Italian cheeses, not just mozzarella, e.g.,
scamorza, bocconcini, provola.  I don't know what the
pasta filata process actually is, but I suspect it
still starts with curds.


--- Amy Speed <speed at PARADIGMTECH.COM> wrote:
> Has anyone seen cheese curds outside of Wisconsin?
> Cheese curds are a little
> ball of battered yellow cheese and fried until the
> cheese is stringy (kind
> of like mozzarella sticks). I'm craving them, and
> can find them nowhere!
> Amy


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