Gay Panic defense, Mgt. Citizenship Behavior

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   Greetings from Guanajauto, Mexico.  That means Place of the Frogs (not guano).  It holds a Cervantes fastival...Oaxaca string cheese is famous and tastes quite good (FWIW in the cheese discussion)..."Hokey Pokey" was popularized in a song in the early 1800s...(Danny) Long time, no hear.


   This defense was raised in the high-profile case of the man accused of beating college student Matthew Shepard.  The trial is in Laramie, Wyoming.
   The "Gay Panic" defense was thrown out.  It's no "Twinkies," but what else is?


   From the NEWS (from Sherwood Ross of Reuters), 2 November 1999, pg. 34, col. 2:

_Modern Managers Embracing Empoerment_
   STURGIS, S.D.--Are managers falling behind the times in today's changing workplace?  "There's been a big push to have employees work harder and smarter, but not a lot of attention is being paid to what managers should contribute to the new workplace," said one researcher after an in-depth study of the operations of 108 companies, large and small.
   "The nature of the new bargain proposed by management for the workplace entails greater mental and physical effort on the part of the workers in exchange for benefits that are often left vague and undefined," said sociologist Randy Hodson of (the?--ed.) Ohio State University, Columbus, an authority on corporate responsibility.  (OSU or the professor?--ed.)
   Probably 60 percent of managers do not display adequate "management citizenship behavior (MCB)," said Hodson, using a term he coined to define what he believes is their responsibility. (...)

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