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Sat Nov 6 16:51:03 UTC 1999


   From the WALL STREET JOURNAL, 5 November 1999, pg. W14, cols. 2-5:

_A Big "McMansion" Attack_
(...) "McMansions"--those huge homes that seem to be swallowing up tiny lots everywhere.

   McMansion is interesting.  McJob is a job that is worthless.  McMansion is something big and fancy.  Most of the people who lives in McMansions don't eat at McDonald's.  In fact, the article states that one owner dines at Le Cirque!


   George W. Bush couldn't identify those world leaders.  "Gentleman's C" has come up.
   My instincts tell me that it comes from Yale, Harvard, or Princeton.  I'm going with Princeton.
   Several "Major Authors" are online.  The first guy I'd check is F. Scott Fitzgerald.  Even if his entire ouevre isn't online, there are a few scholars who know his stuff backwards and forwards.  Check a book on him, and look up the keyword "Princeton."  Perhaps he used the phrase in the 1930s or 1940s?
   My next guess would be some article in the New Yorker.  I don't know if the New Yorker has an index, but I'd start by looking up the Big Three in the Reader's Guides of 1930-1940...Only then would I hit the Princeton Tiger and the Harvard Lampoon.
   Can this wait a week?


   When I get back, I'll do a study of sushi terms such as California Rolls and Philadelphia Rolls (sushi, salmon, cheese), both of which I spotted at a sushi shop in San Miguel.
   Some other drinks I saw there:

Chocolate Russo
Chocolate Irlandes
Cafe Fariseo (Pharisee coffee)
Cafe Holanda (Dutch coffee)

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