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Sat Nov 13 00:55:45 UTC 1999

At 3:26 PM -0800 11/9/99, Beverly Flanigan wrote:

>>I have said "in college" all my life.
>Me too--but not "in university."  (Minnesota born and bred.)

A few months ago, the syndicated comic strip "For Better Or Worse" (written
by a Canadian and set in Ontario) contained a panel in which a girl tells
her little sister:

"Next year I'll be in univerisity!"

I find it interesting that American English speakers may be found in
college but never in university.

There's a local talk-show host (for those of you in the San Francisco area,
Michael Krasny of KQED) who, whenever he has guests in the studio with him,
announces, "...and in studio with me..."  (I don't think it's a
Canadianism, as he was born in Ohio.)

Ken Miller
Partridge School of Gentle Arts

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