M. Lynne Murphy M_Lynne_Murphy at BAYLOR.EDU
Sat Nov 6 17:13:37 UTC 1999

>From: John A Wetenkamp <jswkamp at JUNO.COM>

>I'm not interested in the job at Baylor, but I want to make it clear that
>Mormons ARE Christians.  The full name of the church is The Church of
>Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Mormon was an ancient prophet of the
>American continent who invited all to believe in Christ.  Jesus Christ is
>the foundation of the Mormon faith.

I understand that.  What I was saying is that my employer does not accept
that.  They don't think I'm Christian either (I belong to the
Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship here, although I'm also non-practicing
Catholic), which is part of the reason that I am leaving here before tenure
time (the other is that I got a fantastic opportunity to go elsewhere).  The
fact that the Southern Baptists had their annual convention in Salt Lake
City last year and sent Baptist missionaries out into the streets to convert
Mormons is a signal of their attitude.  (I actually come from the birthplace
of Mormonism--Wayne County, New York.  Many school field trips to Joseph
Smith's house and Hill Cumorah!)

I've never drummed up the nerve around here to ask anyone official whether
Branch Davidians are considered Christians.  The administration here is
positive toward Catholics (with the Latino population here, it would be
impolitic not to) and Catholicism is the #2 student (and I believe faculty
too) religion at Baylor.  Nevertheless I've been told many, many times by my
students that "Catholics aren't Christian", "Catholics are going to Hell",
and "Catholics worship the Pope."


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