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Sun Nov 7 01:03:45 UTC 1999

The definitive word on the prefix "Mc" is still Roger Shuy's article in
AMERICAN SPEECH a few years back. I think it is a mistake to think that
McDonalds wants us to think of "Mc" as something worthless; it is 'good value
at a good price'--if not very exciting or unusual. Granted, a McJob is a
generic, not-very-exciting job--but it isn't a worthless one. Likewise, a
McMansion is not a worthless mansion, but rather a generic, not-very exciting

Monosemy rules! (Ruhls?)

*****in reply to:
McJob is a job that is worthless.  McMansion is something big and fancy.
Most of the people who lives in McMansions don't eat at McDonald's [sic].

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