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I was refering to American Baptist Convention versus Southern Baptist
Convention, but we might phrase it in terms of southern Baptists and
northern Baptists--would southern Baptists call northern Baptists "Babtist"?

(And, of course, there are other types of Baptists too, Missionary Baptist,
National Baptist--both of which around here seem to be predominantly
African-American churches.)

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>The difference between American Baptists and Southern Baptists would depend
>upon whether your reference was to the American Baptist Association (found
>throughout the South) or the American Baptist Convention (found up north
>primarily and in large southern cities who have experienced northern
>immigration--used to be the Northern Baptist Convention).
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>> I attended Baptist churches all over Florida and Mississippi.  My father,
>> Baptist minister, always said {baptist}; everyone else said {babtist}.
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>> > >How about that pronunciation 'Babtist'?
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>> > I never heard anything else growing up in se texas.
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>> > Bethany

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