Gore as Blakean

Grant Barrett gbarrett at AMERICANDIALECT.ORG
Tue Nov 9 02:56:04 UTC 1999

>Did anyone here see this and have any idea what they were talking about?
>What constitutes a Blakean personality? Please don't tell me it refers to an
>unappreciated, misunderstood genius.

Transcript can be found at


For the record here's a significant portion (hard to quote the right bit in a

WILL: Well this is about, as you say, how Al Gore’s mind works. You say that deep
inside he’s a Blakian, you’re referring to the mystical poet who saw the world in a
grain of sand. Tell us what it means for Al Gore to be a Blakian.”

WOLF: I can’t believe — I’m pleased, but I can’t believe that this early in the
morning on this show, we’re talking about 19 century romantic and mystical poets.

WILL: We’re not and it’s not literature.

WOLF: Pardon me?

WILL: We’re very literate.

WOLF: Very literate, it’s true.

DONALDSON: Some of us are.

ROBERTS: “Tiger, tiger, burning bright.” We can do Blake.

WOLF: What I’m talking about is a vision that incorporates many disparate parts for
a whole that’s more than the sum of its parts. Again, look at his positions that he’s
laid out already.
     And in all of the brue-ha-ha over details that I think are not that important
to the American people, there is something very consistent and coherent that he’s been
doing with that mind, that sees different parts and how they can fit together to
solve complicated problems.
    His family, working family’s policies — there are many, many disparate elements.
Some seem really small, how do you get working parents home in time so that they
have a chance to read a bedtime story to their kids.
     Well, that has to do with a whole way that we’ve developed that is not so good
for working families, all the way to minimum wage issues, benefits, labor issues,
after school programs. Who’s taking care of kids after school between 3:00 and 6:00?

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