1) orthography and 2) new coinage

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1) properly, brouhaha. Restraining myself mightily to keep from commenting
on M-W's misguided etymology of this.
2) attempt to launch "Nantucket Triangle" only partly successful (as well as
in poor taste, considering dreadful loss of lives):
"There will probably be no clear verdict for months on what caused the
demise of EgyptAir 990. That uncomfortable reality left many seeking
explanations that sometimes bordered on the absurd. EgyptAir chairman
Mohammed Fahim Rayan seemed ready to subscribe to a 'new Bermuda Triangle
theory'--namely that there is a curse on aircraft traveling up the Eastern
seaboard of the U.S., a graveyard that now contains the remains not only of
John F. Kennedy Jr. but also of some of the passengers and crew aboard TWA
Flight 800. No less than Mubarak himself seemed taken with the theory,
urging the U.S. to investigate 'something in the atmosphere, something in
the weather.' For many, that explanation was better than none at all."

"Out of Thin Air"
Nadya Labi
Vol. 154 No. 20
November 15, 1999
p. 56 col. 3

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