Hoosier dialect

Anson Olds ansolds at MASSED.NET
Fri Nov 12 16:59:37 UTC 1999

Dear List members:

    My father, a native of Southern Indiana, says he is collecting
"Hoosier-isms" -- phrases, words, and pronunciations typical of Indiana
speech.  Example: "little-ole-bitty" for very small.  I wondered if anyone
out there could recommend an intelligently written, yet not too technical,
book on this subject that I could send him for Christmas.  I realize that
what he calls "Hoosier-isms" may be Appalachian dialect elements, so a book
on that topic might work as well.
    I live in a rural area in New England with limited library resources, so
your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Emily Olds
c/o ansolds at massed.net

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