NADS 31.3

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Fri Nov 12 19:01:52 UTC 1999

Please clarify: Are the regional meetings announced for next year? The date
said 99. Or have they already been held. Sorry, but I am a new member of the
group. Very confusing.

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>Subject: NADS 31.3
>Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1999 17:41:16 EDT
>You may well be wondering what happened to the September issue of the
>Newsletter of the American Dialect Society, especially if you've just
>received your dues notice from Duke University Press with reference to Page
>of that issue. Well, Duke is on time, the Newsletter isn't.
>The good news is that it will go to the printer Monday the 25th and will go
>out by first-class mail at the end of the week.
>Also, on Monday a copy will go to Grant Barrett for posting on the ADS-L
>website, so you can download and read the news at your convenience.
>The issue has the very complete program of our January meeting, with full
>original abstracts - bigger than the ones LSA allows in their program. It
>also has the annual directory of members, news of a few other meetings, and
>of course another page of queries from DARE.
>Thanks for your patience, or maybe your impatience. Both have helped bring
>to completion. - Allan Metcalf

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