NADS 31.3

AAllan at AOL.COM AAllan at AOL.COM
Fri Nov 12 20:40:58 UTC 1999

Dear Jane,

<< Please clarify: Are the regional meetings announced for next year? The date
said 99. Or have they already been held. Sorry, but I am a new member of the
group. Very confusing. >>

Sorry for the confusion! That was one other problem with the issue: it was
late. I kept the regional programs to inform readers about who was talking on

You'll notice that the dates and places of future years' meetings are
announced at the end of each region's program, to help in planning ahead. The
January issue will have calls for papers, and the May issue will have
preliminary programs for 2000.

I want to welcome you as a new member. But you're not in the ADS database
yet. I guess Duke U Press hasn't yet told us of your joining. And yet you
have the newsletter, which I send out using labels from the ADS database. Do
I have you listed under some other name than Jane Clark?

Thanks for your help in solving this mystery.

Best wishes - Allan Metcalf

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