Cold Mountain

Natalie Maynor maynor at CS.MSSTATE.EDU
Fri Nov 12 16:26:41 UTC 1999

Beverly wrote:
> Natalie, by 'ah' do you mean [a] or [ae]?  I interpreted '"broad" to mean
> the low front vowel, as in "Addie" (perhaps a diminutive of Ada?).

I meant low back -- the one that I can't make on my computer but that
[a] is sometimes used for (though I think of [a] as the sound of my
pronunciation of the pronoun I, not as the ah sound of father --
that's the sound I'm talking about -- the one with the non-print little
a symbol -- like "open your mouth and go ahhhh").
   --Natalie Maynor (maynor at

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