male pattern baldness (was Re: Chick)

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Sat Nov 13 07:07:09 UTC 1999

Gregory {Greg} Downing wrote:

> I have read discussions of the supposedly differential anatomical locations
> in which males and felames supposedly tend to store supererogatory adiposity
> and lipidity. I bet if you searched the medical and pop-medical literature
> on obesity and related issues from the last couple of decades you'd find
> phrasing very much like the above, for both sexes.
> Best, Greg D.
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What you'll find is "male pattern obesity", sometimes abbreviated to
MPO.  Definitions usually run to metaphor or simile, rather than
anatomical description:  "The typical 'beer belly' of MPO".

The antonym is what you'd expect: female pattern obesity, or FPO.

Now picture a man with slim hips, narrow buttocks, and a fairly flat
lower abdomen.  Endow him with large amounts of drooping, unmuscular
flesh on his upper arms and a pair of fatty rolls, one at the lower part
of his chest and another roughly at his midsection.  I'm describing
someone I know who clearly is carrying a lot of excess weight.  I'd say
he's fat, and on one of my high-falutin' days I might even say he's
obese.  There is no question that this person is male.  He simply
doesn't have male pattern obesity.

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