More Cancun drinks; Ric Burns's NEW YORK

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     Greetings from New York, New York, a town so nice...whatever.
     These creations are from the Bar 'n Roll in the Kukulcan Plaza, Cancun:

BAR 'N ROLL COCKTAIL--our famous bomb cocktail, a delicious combination of
rum, whisky, vodka, baileys, choclate syrup, and half-and-half
CABANA--orange, pineapple juice, banana, grenadine, vodka
MARILYN COCKTAIL--pineapple juice, coconut creme with cacao cream, vodka
JAMES DEAN COCKTAIL--orange, cranberry juice mix with coconut rum, melon and
peach liquor and vodka
AYRON SENNA COCKTAIL--pina colada mized with banana and melon liquor
JANIS JOPLIN--orange and cranberry juice mix w/vodka, melon liquor, peach
liquor, and coconut rum
BANANA SUNSET--orange juice w/gin and banana liquor
SUN BURN--cranberry juice mix w/tequila and triple sec
DRAGSTER BEACH--pineapple and orange juice, coconut creme mix with banana and
melon liquor
CANCUN BANANA--vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup w/bananas, mix w/ banana
liquor, and whipped cream
STRAWBERRY DYLAN--natural strawberries w/strawberry and cherry liquor and
whipped cream
BEATLES LIQUOR--sweet and sour flavour, cranberry juice mix w/rum, triple
sec, vodka and gin
JAGGER BEVERAGE--pineapple and cranberry juice w/ rum, triple sec and blue
LONG ISLAND--sweet and sour flavour mix w/ rum, triple sec, gin and vodka
ROCK FANTASY--cranberry and orange juice mix w/amaretto
ORANGE PORSCHE--orange juice w/vodka and orange ice cream
MADRAS CLAPTON--pineapple and cranberry juice w/vodka
ALMOND AND ELVIS--vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, coconut cream w/amaretto
SEX ON THE BEACH--pineapple and cranberry juice, w/vodka, melon liquor and
raspberry liquor
CANCUN COLADA--pineapple, orange juice, coconut creme, grenadine mix, with
melon liquor and tequila cuervo
SEX MORRISON--vodka, pineapple and cranberry juice mix w/melon liquor and
cherry liquor
JOE BUG--pineapple juice, sweet and sour flavour mix w/melon liquor, coconut
rum and banana liquor
MUD SLIDE--vanilla ice cream, half and half, w/kahlua, amaretto, baileys, and
almond liquor
DUNHILL LENNON--orange juice, grenadine mix with amaretto, southern comfort,
and vodka
YELLOW ROLLS ROYCE--pineapple and orange juice w/coconut rum liquor and melon
RED CORVETTE--orange and cranberry juice w/tequila and casis (black currant
PINK CADILLAC--orange juice, grenadine mix with rum, gin, and peach liquor


     NEW YORK ( a PBS documentary, and also a book) by Ric Burns will be on
tv tomorrow.  There are a few errors and omissions.  "Gotham" is described as
a mythical city in England.  It's not so mythical--I've been there.
     But let's cut directly to the big enchilada.
     I wrote Ric Burns a letter when "Big Apple Corner" was going through the
city council.  There was no reply.
     I wrote Ric Burns another letter when "Big Apple Corner" was dedicated.
 There was no reply.
     It stood to reason, therefore, that he'd get my work wrong.  Well...
     "The Big Apple" is conspicuous by its absence.  NEW YORK never mentions
it at all!

(P.S.  Check back in five days and see if my book review made

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