Peep show; Pokemon; Pitza; Trillion; Alphabet stock

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Fri Nov 19 23:21:59 UTC 1999


"This ain't no peep show."
--ad in today's New York City newspapers for the new LOEWS 42nd St. E Walk's
13 screens.

     OED has "peep show" from 1851.
     The Literature Online database has John Hamilton Reynolds, THE PRESS

Whilst Brewster each one's optic nerves delights
By his famed peep-show and its varying sights.


     The movie is out.  Pokemon is hot, hot, hot.
     Pokemon words have included Pokemania, Pokevesting, Pokelimia (NY
Observer, Nov. 22)...
     The words will probably last as short as the craze.


     From the New York Daily News, "The Top 40" restaurants, 19 November
1999, pg. 78, col. 1:

Under $10
(...) 2. Zaytoons
Pitza is a "hybread" of pita and pizza.  The definitive combo is the
lahambajin, comprising ground lamb, onion, tomato and spices.  There's also a
Middle Eastern version (lamb, merguez, parsley).  Or you can stick with the
Italian (tomato sauce, mozzarella, garlic).  283 Smith St., at Sackett St.,
Brooklyn, (718) 875-1880.


     From Sports Illustrated, 22 November 1999, pg. 66, col. 2:

_. Avoid the dread "trillion."_  In other words, if for some reason you can't
get off a shot, do _something_!  In garbage-time lingo, _trillion_ is the
line  in the box score a player gets when his minutes-played stat is followed
by zeros in the nine other categories.  "A trillion means you played, but you
didn't do anything," says Vancouver Grizzlies assistant Lionel Hollins, who
was an NBA guard for 10 seasons.  "No shots attempted or made, no assists, no
rebounds, no fouls, nothing."  If he still has a trillion in the final
seconds, the experienced garbage-time player will commit misdemeanor assault
to break up his zeros with a "1" in the personal foul column.


     From the New York Law Journal, 18 November 1999, pg. 1, col. 1:

_The ABCs of Tracking Stock_
     The use of "alphabet" or "tracking" stock provides an interesting and
innovative corporate financing technique.  The theory behind the vehicle is
that several objectives can be achieved by separately identifying businesses
within a corporation and tracking their financial performance independently.
     The purpose of this article is to briefly examine the history of
alphabet stock, consider the advantages and disadvantages of such a security
and provide some guidance on the issues that arise in drafting such an
     The first transaction to achieve national recognition and, perhaps, coin
the term "alphabet stock" was General Motors purchase of Ross Perot's EDS in

     I gotta check "alphabet stock" on my mini-Nexis.

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