boilermakers and depth charges

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>At 08:31 PM 3/31/2000 +0100, Lynne Murphy <lynnem at COGS.SUSX.AC.UK> wrote:
>>Hi Bob - drinking game in which each participant either drinks a shot or
>>chugs a beer everytime someone says "hi Bob" on the Bob Newhart Show.
>>Since Bob often walked into crowded rooms (group therapy and the like) I
>>(as the nondrinker) got to be scorekeeper and let people know how many
>>shots they had to do. Last one conscious wins.  Of course, there are
>>many variants on this, depending on what's being rerun on TV at the
>>time.  We also had seasonal variations for Charlie Brown holiday
>A few weeks ago I read about a more contemporary version of this. In a
>recent magazine interview that was also reported on in some newspapers, the
>female lead in the US sitcom "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" reported a similar
>game in which every member of a group of people watching the show agrees to
>have another good swig every time the talking cat on the show says
>-- which I gather is not infrequently.
>I wonder whether these kinds of games are always being reinvented from
>scratch without any knowledge of the "history" of them, or whether people
>younger age-cohorts deliberately update older games? I wouldn't be shocked
>if versions of this particular game already existed in radio days....

No, those sorts of things never lie dormant enough to be reinvented in whole
cloth. There's almost always enough generational overlap to ensure that they
evolve rather than have to be resurrected.

A list of games can be found at:
and a search on "drinking game" should net you a decent number of leads...

Of course, my cultural awareness Simpsons rules aren't listed:

If you're the first person to name a TV reference, everybody else has to
take one drink...
a movie reference, everybody else has to take two drinks...
literary reference, three drinks...
and role playing game references are worth four drinks.

We now return to our regularly scheduled topic...


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