depth charge

Jordan Rich funkmasterj at MAILANDNEWS.COM
Mon Apr 3 07:17:38 UTC 2000

At 01:54 AM 4/3/00 -0400, Bruce Dykes wrote:
>Another to add to the 'depth charge' family of drinks is the Dr. Pepper.
>Unfortunately, I've gotten three recipes out of two bars for it...
>Into the halfglass of beer you drop either:
>a shot of root beer schnapps
>a shot of amaretto
>a shot of half amaretto, half rum
>the first time I tried it, it tasted exactly like a Dr. Pepper. They've
>never tasted exactly right since...

My experience is that it's called a Flaming Dr. Pepper Shooter and that the
shot is almost completely amaretto, with grain alcohol on top, and the
grain is lit on fire before the shot is dropped in the beer.

Jordan Rich

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