E-less Fiancé

Kim & Rima McKinzey rkm at SLIP.NET
Wed Apr 5 02:08:05 UTC 2000

>We are all entitled to our opinions, and as long as those who express such
>opinions about linguistic tastes understand that it makes them the studied
>rather than the students...

Actually, I find my own and other's linguistic opinions/prejudices
quite interesting.  So I'll let you study mine if you'll let me study

>PS: I might except "icks" with regard to "real" clarity ... but I am
>suspicious of many of those (i.e., I expect
>they most often relate to superficial prejudices against rather than real
>cases of obfuscation or disorganization

My "icks" in regard to pronunciation rarely have any relation to
"real" clarity.  My "icks" in regard to actual words/word usage
usually do.  I mean saying aks, or eksetera or ath-uh-lete don't
usually interfere with understanding the intended communication.  And
yet I say ick.


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