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Wed Apr 19 10:53:58 UTC 2000

   Greetings from Kagoshima.
   The Best electronics stores have internet, and I'm in one of them, and I've got about ten minutes before it closes at eight.  Tomorrow and the day after I'll be at a national park and away from a big city--and probably the interent.


  7-11s, Lawsons, Circkle-Ks, Family Marts, Heart-Ins, and others are very poular here.  I asked what they're called.  They're not called bodegas.  Can't guess?  They're called convenience stores!  What a surprise!
  They're all open 24 hours, so you can get your pornographic comic books ("manga"--there's a whole aisle of them) at any time.
  They all sell pre-mixed cocktails by Suntory that it calls "The Cocktail Bar."  English names are given, and some choices are surprising:

Salty Dog
Peach Bellini
Gin & Tonic
Blue Hawaii
Violet Fizz
Fairy Tale (surprise selection)
Melon Ball
Sunny Smile (surprise)
Love Story (surprise)
China Kiss (surprise)
Moscow Mule
Apricot Fizz

   When I get back in a week, I'll head up to Albany for a day.  I'll check out what's going online, and see if I can make some progress on "cocktail" (1800-1806, lover NY) and "club sandwich" (Saratoga, 1896?).

JANGLISH (continued)

  One convenience store is COCO!  The sign says:

liquor & wine
soft drink
daily products
dry grocery

  Daily products or dairy products?  Dry grocery or dry goods?
  A popular restaurant chain is "Joyfull."  I haven't tried it, so I can't say if the food is joyful and triumphant.


  A story in the Japan Times a few days ago about the internet in France used these terms:

Republic Alley
Silicon Sentier (a textile district in central Paris that is their Silicon Alley)
nouveau marche (new market--high growth stocks)

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