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Nope. Not in US English. The long-a of "father" and the short-o of "hot" do
not a phonemic difference make.


>on 20/4/00 12:16 AM, Dennis R. Preston wrote:
>> I'm calling it short-o. That's the traditional name for the vowel in "hot."
>> If you're into spelling (as I am not) that may confuse you. Go with the
>> philological flow. Short-a is the vowel in "hat" and long-a is the vowel in
>> "father."
>> dInIs
>So, are you saying that there is a three-way distinction between
>caught-cot/hot-father (on the left bank, anyway)???  Or is it just spelling
>conventions here?
>>> Now I'm confused all over again, unless there was a typo in your message.
>>> I presume you meant to write " (short-a)" --right?
>>> Peter Mc.
>>> --On Wed, Apr 19, 2000 3:51 PM -0400 "Dennis R. Preston"
>>> <preston at PILOT.MSU.EDU> wrote:
>>>> hoarse has the same vowel as coat (long-o)
>>>> horse has the same vowel as caught (open-o)
>>>> parse has the same vowel as hot (short-o)
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