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Peter A. McGraw pmcgraw at LINFIELD.EDU
Thu Apr 20 17:32:44 UTC 2000

The "Germany 2000" desk calendar, the latest in a long-established series
of calendars published annually by the Federal Republic of Germany,
features for the week of May 1 "Berchtesgaden region of experimence."  The
picture is of a white-water raft heading straight toward you, throwing
spray ahead of it, paddles and occupants an artistic blur.  The full photo
caption begins, "A mixed group of people, who have formed an adventure team
for a few hours, wield the paddle, get carried along in the current of the
River Saalach and crash onto a moss-covered rock--before spinning around
all of a sudden on a gentle eddy in the middle of the river."  A little
further on: "In the Berchtesgaden region, however, it is not only the
fast-water rafters that have a whale of a time.  Also on offer is a gentle
boat ride on the Koenigssee lake...."  After portraying more offerings of a
tranquil nature, the copy concludes: "Anyone who chooses to go skiing in
the winter time or to zoom down the fast Jenner slopes is well aware that
sport and relaxation are in season here all year round."

Has anyone run across the word "experimence" before?  Neither I nor a
knowledgeable colleague of mine can imagine a plausible German neologism as
the source, so where did the copywriter or translator get it?  It sounds
like something the tourism industry might have coined to signify
adventurous travel.  This would fit with the whitewater rafting idea, but
not quite so well with the copy as a whole, which emphasizes both
adventurous and relaxing pursuits.

Any other sightings of "experimence"?

Peter Mc.

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