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         How the heck to you remember that?  I can't even recall mom using
the word.

         Happy Passover to you all.  We went in NJ for Passover with
George, Lenore, their son daughter-in-law their children and Andrea and
Alex drove up for the fist seder, and Donna flew in for the second
seder.  It was great to all be together.

         We finally have the CO for our addition.  They are now working on
the punch list," the list of the items still to do to finish off.   Maybe
this week Anita and I will move into our new bedroom.

         Donna had a nice article published in the Charlotte Jewish
newspaper about a past passover.   I'll make a copy for you as soon as I
get a copy.  Andrea is busy making some money playing her guitar and
singing with children in various synagogues around where she lives.  I am
finally getting back on my dictionary.  I really want to finish that so
badly.  Anita is, once again, going through some changes and problems with
her medication.  She has an appointment with the head of the department
that deals with Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer at the MA General
Hospital at the end of the next month.

         I am going to have my deviated septum operated on some time next
month.  And, I am seriously thinking about having my paralyzed vocal fold
worked on.  I saw a doctor at one of the hospitals in Boston who,
interestingly, grew up in a neighborhood between Sheepshead Bay and
Brighten Beach.  He and his associates no longer put Teflon into the
paralyzed cord.  They now cut a slit in your neck and push up into the
paralyzed vocal fold any of five different size of a small apparatus (about
the size of a collar straightener, I figure).  I am moving in the direction
of going for it.

         Also, would you belive.  After our July annual meeting, I will
become the president of the Martha's Vineyard Hebrew Center.  Did you ever
think that would happen to me?

         Hope all is going well with you, Joan, and the boys.


At 09:42 AM 04/20/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>My mother, born San Francisco (pre-eathquake) lived NYC after childhood,
>said coCOLA . I always thought it was a generational thing.

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