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   From the INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE, 21 April 2000, pg. 9, col. 2:

   The Ritz-Carlton in Kuala Lumpur is a case in point: It has introduced a "techno-butler," a staffer who helps guests plug in their laptops, retrieve e-mail and complete technical tasks.


   The huge new hotel in "Hawk Town" in Fukuoka (built around the baseball stadium for their champion Hawks) has several restaurants.
   The Chinatown Ryuden has these cocktails:

Spring Illusion
Ga Ryu Kyo
Tao Yuan Meng

   The Cafe Lugg Nagg has these original cocktails:

Lugg Nagg Passoa
Curumegunigu Blue

   It should have read "Dipper Dan" in my last posting, not Dapper.
   There's a huge Hyper Market in Fukuoka.  It's like a Costco--which has just opened here.
   I'll give these superloos (by the Toto Corporation) one more try.  If I turn that knob right there...

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