More Fukuoka food & drink; Peace sign

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Tue Apr 25 06:28:44 UTC 2000

   Greetings again from Fukuoka.  I leave Japan tomorrow.  "Sayonara" is so sad!


  Japanese tourists are wherever I go!  They should go back to Japan!!
  At every shrine, there are plenty of schoolchildren (in uniforms, of course).  The shrine I visited today was dedicated to learning, so there were more schoolchildren than usual.
  The girls give the peace sign (other fingers showing outward) when they snap their photos--like the Spice Girls used to do.
  When I asked them what it was, they said "peace sign."
  At least it's not a Winston Churchill WWII thing.


   The Dapper Dan chain of gelato shops (since 1972) offers these flavors:

choco tip
uji maccha
karuizawa blueberry yogurt
tohachi fresh cream
Italian vanilla
tochigi nyoho
black sesame
mix berry
konsen tableland coffee milk
ichigo milk
hokkaido white chocolate
mark mellon
nagano unsha mikan
ehime unsha mikan
nakashibetsu milk
rum raisins
fukushima hakuto

     This is from the food section of the FUKUOAK CITY VISITOR'S GUIDE, pg. 29:

Yatai--More than 230 yatais--open-air food stalls--operate in Fukuoka, mainly in the Nakasu and Tenjin area.  They serve a variety of unique meals including ramen, yakiniku, horumon, tempura, and even pizza.

Tonkotsu Ramen--The broth of this dish is made by boiling pork bones for a long period of time.  Thin noodles are added and the dish is garnished with slices of roast pork and chopped spring onions.  Optional ginger and sesame seeds give it extra flavor.

Fugu Dishes--Fugu (blowfish) is the most famous of the fresh fish found in the markets daily.  Enjoy the taste as well as the presentation of the fugu, arranged on a large dish like a flower.

Karashi Mentaiko (Spicy Chilled Cod Roe)--This food was originally eaten on the Korean peninsula.  Codfish roe is marinated in salt and red pepper.  It is eaten not only with rice, but also with spaghetti and bread.  It is very popular in Japan as a souvenir of Hakata.

Motsu-nabe--Fresh beef intestines boiled with leeks, cabbage, garlic and red pepper.  You can choose from various flavors such as miso, soy sauce, and sukiyaki.

Mizutaki--Chopped chicken meat and vegetables boiled in chicken broth.  It is eaten with ponzu, made by mixing soy sauce and juice pressed from a bitter variety of orange.  Kotonegi, a special kind of green onion, is added for spice.

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