"Axe" in CIRCUS, October 1974

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Thu Apr 27 23:11:13 UTC 2000

   The NYPL unfortunately doesn't have a full run of CIRCUS.  The article in October 1974, pages 52-53, is "How To Select Your Guitar."

Pg. 52, col. 1:  Interest in guitars and guitar-playing continues to proliferate and manufacturers like Gibson and Fender claim the demand is so great that they can just barely make enough axes to satisfy the throngs longing to play them.

Pg. 53, col. 2:  A somewhat less expensive, but equally popular solid body model is the Gibson SG, which was the guitar Clapton used in the early Cream days; these days it's used by Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi.  It's lighter and produces a harsher, more brittle tone than most other guitars, making it the ideal agressive heavy-metal axe.

Pg. 53, col. 3 (bold-face head):  Testing the axe.

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