History of English (Not!)

Peter A. McGraw pmcgraw at LINFIELD.EDU
Tue Aug 1 21:04:23 UTC 2000

>>> Most of the words in the English language were made up by the
>>> Benedictines
> and grammarians in their scriptoria, some later evolved from the words
> these linguists invented.

Wow--I didn't know that!  So how come linguists today get so little
respect?  Nobody ever pays any attention to the words THEY invent.

The monks did the word construction mostly by
> writing a short sentence describing the subject in Basque. In some cases
> they used wisecracks or jokes, even crude remarks and personal feelings.

Why of course--like "basquing in the sun"!  It seems so obvious once you
think about it!

:) (I hasten to add.)

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