iron: /@r/ vs syllabic /r/

Aaron E. Drews aaron at LING.ED.AC.UK
Mon Aug 14 11:23:12 UTC 2000

>RP is underlyingly whatever it is, but it is surfacely non-rhotic
>except in environments
>that yield a linking rhotic realization.  Larry and I say "Bring back SPE!!!"

I suppose you mean 'linking' as in phonological sandhi.
Traditionally, there has been a distinction between 'linking-r' and
'intrusive-r', the linking phenomenon being in historic/orthographic
instances of (r), and intrusive-r being the Cuber is and drawring.

And RP isn't consistently 'rhotic' in a linking realisation.  It
fluctuates because of social stigma.

As for SPE, it has a lot going for it, but I don't like the idea that
I'm carrying around pre Great Vowel Shift phonology in my head.  I
have enough problems coping with three (major) varieties of English
on a daily basis.


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