Andalsnes, Trondheim & the bicycle lift

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Fri Aug 18 12:02:35 UTC 2000

   Greetings from Andalsnes, Norway.
   This is from TRONDHEIM, GUIDE 2000 (I'll be there tomorrow, today was the troll wall):

Pg. 5:  The bicycle lift Trampe
   So far, Trondheim is the first city in the world with a lift specifically designed for cyclists.
(Sheidlower has a mean cycling reputation--ed.)

Pg. 55:  Vertshuset Tavern
   The building has been a tavern since 1739.  Previously located in the centre of Trondheim, it has now been moved to Trondelag Folk Museum. (...)
   rommegrot (sour-cream porridge)
   spekemat (cured meat)
   On Tuesdays we serve genuine Trondelag klubb, the traditional potato dumplings of the region.


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