Panda Bread & Svele

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Fri Aug 18 16:32:50 UTC 2000

   Greetings again from Andalsnes.  There is a computer in the hotel again (but this one isn't free).

PANDA BREAD--A bakery here serves this.  You get a bag that says "Panda Brod" and has the panda symbol of the WWF (World Wildlife Fund).  The recipe for the bread is given (in Norwegian).  Supposedly, some of the money goes to the WWF.  This is probably on the WWF web site, but I don't have time to check.

SVELE--The fjord ferries serve this.  "The Golden Route" handout has the recipe and states on pg. 25:
   Svele, resembling small, thick, sweet "pancakes," are a traditional local specialty, often made, together with coffee, for guests.

WIENERBROD--A "Danish" here is called Vienna Bread!

TROLL BURGER--One restaurant in Andalsnes serves this.  It's hamburger, lettuce, and fries.

ELK'S FAVORITE--What my hotel (Grand Hotell Bellevue) calls "forest berries warmed in peppermint syrup, vanilla ice cream, liqueur."

POKEMON PIZZA--Ham & cheese pizza, as served on the kids' menu at one place down the block.

TARZAN PIZZA--Pepperoni & cheese pizza, from the same kids' menu.

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