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On vendredi 25 août 2000, Douglas G. Wilson <douglas at NB.NET>

>F-WORD--Advertised in the subway in Stockholm was "en film av
>Lukas Moodysson."  The film?  "Som Gjorde Fucking Amal."
> I think "en film av Lukas Moodysson som gjorde Fucking Åmål"
>means "a film by Lukas Moodysson, who did 'Fucking Åmål'". The
>famous film "Fucking Åmål" was  released in the US under
>another name ("Show Me Love", I think). I think the English
>loan word  may be used figuratively/intensively here; Åmål is
>the name of a town. See (for example):

It may have been released under another name in the States, but
I believe in New York it was well-known as "Fucking Amal" (as it
is here in Paris). There was some derision towards the New York
Times by papers like the Voice for not using the word "fucking"
when mentioning, as all the reviewers seemed compelled to do no
matter what the paper, that the title had been changed from
something more risque  (although now I can't find it in the Voice

"Fourteen - year - old Elin (Alexandra Dahlstrüm) harbors a
grudge for her Swedish hometown summed up in the film's glorious
original title, Fucking Amal — the mercurial mini - Bardot unleashes
a barbaric yawp whenever small-town tedium gets the best of her."

"Show Me Love Retitled from the infinitely catchier Fucking
Amal, this rude, sweet, funny Swedish import, without trying too
hard, shames the recent crop of gay coming-of-age flicks. (DL)
October 22"


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