Karlskrona kibbles

Dennis R. Preston preston at PILOT.MSU.EDU
Sat Aug 26 12:39:01 UTC 2000

Is "opera" pizza a joke on "the works"?


>   Greetings from a brief lunch stop in Karlskrona, Sweden.

>WEST COAST SALAD WITH RHODE ISLAND SAUCE--Spotted at several resaurants in
>Sweden.  Rhode Island sauce isn't especially popular in the States!
>WALENBERGERS VEAL--one offering.
>PORK FILLET "ANNA LINDBERG"--Spotted once in Gotland, but no one's
>familiar with it.
>CAESAR CHICKEN SANDWICH--Offered by the hamburger restaurant Max.  Why
>Caesar--it's not a salad, it's a hamburger!
>CHICKY BITS--A popular term for chicken nuggets.
>OPERA PIZZA--Several places in Gotland had this.  Tomato, cheese, ham, and
>tuna fish.

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