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Sat Aug 26 19:52:32 UTC 2000

   Greetings from Malmo, Sweden.  This is the home of Anita Ekberg, but I didn't see her today.
   Tomorrow I take the bridge (and tunnel) to Copenhagen and then head for home.  The Oresund Bridge opened July 1st.  I told people here about Steve Brodie and they told me that I can be the very first to jump off this bridge.  Thanks!
    The following is from LOOK AT SWEDEN (SOUTHERN EDITION), no. 3, 2000:

Pg. 8, col. 1:  Before the sales of the shares, Trade Minister, Bjorn Rosengren asked Ericsson which has 314,000 shareholders the criteria for making a company's shareholding a "folkaktie" ("people's share").

Pg. 24, col. 2:  ..."SWD" (She Who Decides)...

Pg. 36, col. 1:  That every child has a childhood worth being called a childhood is not something we can take for granted, but it is one of the goals of the organization BRIS.  (The organization to prevent violence against children is called "BRIS"?  As in Jewish circumcision?  Was the organizational name "Female Genital Mutilation" taken??--ed)

Pg. 81, col. 2:  "We want to support locally produced food, and have developed our own label called 'Glassmarkt' (goose marked).  Only food products produced and consumed in the Soderslatt region are allowed to wear the mark of the goose."

Pg. 83, col. 1:  ..."eco-tourist"..."ecotourism"...

Pg. 90, col. 1:  One of the most commonly known treatments for depression is the so-called "happy pill," or anti-depressive drug.  Although the name Prozac quickly comes to mind, the number one anti-depressenat on the market in Sweden and Denmark is in fact Cipramil, produced by Lundbeck in Copenhagen.

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