Quick Lunch Slanguage & Restaurantese

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   These were all stolen from some prehistoric Gareth Branwyn.  No source is attached to this list.
   From THE CATERER AND LIQUOR RETAILER, March 1938, pg. 22, col. 2:

   A cowboy--Western sandwich.
   Couple of Hebrew enemies--Two pork chops.
   La Bullie Hibernian--Corn beef and cabbage.
   A stack--Wheat cakes.
   Yesterday, today, and forever--Hash.
   Red lead (or paint)--Catsup.
   Draw one in the dark--Black coffee.
   Noah's boy, with Murphy carrying a wreath--Ham, potatoes, and cabbage.
   Million on a platter--Baked beans.
   Draw one on the city--Glass of water.
   Adam and Eve on a raft--Two poached eggs on toast.
   Adam and Eve on a raft and wreck 'em--Two scrambled eggs on toast.
   Chewed fine, with a breath--Hamburger steak with onions.
   Team of grays--Two crullers.
   The sand--Sugar.
   Graveyard stew--Milk toast.

   From THE STEWARD, APril 1922, pg. 34, col. 2:

   Party of two order: Two fried eggs and cup of coffee.  Frogs legs, cup of coffee without cream, and doughnuts.
   Waiter to chef--Pair of whitewings, sunny side up.  Song and dance man without a body.  Two--one in the dark.  Pair of sinkers.

(THE STEWARD looks great.  I'll check it out more in a few days, when I'm off work--ed.)


   The restaurant variations were endless.
   From THE STEWARD, September 1922, pg. 33, col. 1:

   _Mary's Little Lamb._
Mary had a little lamb,
   Her father shot it dead.
And now it goes to school with her,
   Between two hunks of bread.

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