Italian Ice Cream (1922)

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   This is useful for gelato (OED must add this), spumoni, marenga, and more.
   From THE STEWARD, July 1922, pg. 21, col. 1:

   Mr. A. Pompa, who is the main spring of the ice cream associations in
England, writes as follows about ice cream in the _Confectioners' Union_, of
   Although American ice cream will slowly displace all other kinds on the
British market, it is still interesting to know something of that most
delicious of all--Italian ice cream.
   The principal dish is the "crema gelata" frozen cream, made with cream,
eggs, milk, sugar and vanilla or almonds.  Then comes "sorbetto," made with
syrup, lemon juice or orange juice, or liqueurs.  Italians are perfect
blenders of both.  You generally get served with a sorbetto flavored with
coffee and liqueur, tea and rum, banana and cognac, strawberry and champagne,
maraschino and aniseed, and so on.  Then comes "granita," more like a half
frozen water ice, thick and cloudy, flavored with aromatic (Col. 2--ed.)
juices and served in deep glasses.
   "Poncio," derived from the Saracen hot drink, punch, which means five,
because the ingredients used were five in number: tea, rum, sugar, lemon and
cinnamon.  This is very much like a "granita," and is served half way through
a meal.
   Then there is the "spumoso" in which the frothy yolks of eggs are still
tasted.  "Zabaglione" is similar, but is served warm, in cups.  The "spumoso"
is flavored with all sorts of fruit and essences.
   "Spumone" is lighter still and made with the white of eggs.  "Bombe," very
much in use, are imitation bombs filled with ice cream and served in all
sorts of different ways, decorations, lighted spirits, etc.  "Charlotta" is a
sponge cake, with a center of ice cream, frozen in a mould like a modern ice
cream brick.  "Marenga" is made mostly with white of eggs and castor sugar.
The finished product looks like a meringue.  "Bavarese" contains more
gelatine than the other ice creams.

   From THE STEWARD, May 1922 (and other issues), pg. 35, col. 2:

Exquisite Italian Ice Cream "Spumoni"
  For Hotels, Clubs and Restaurants
Established 1876  Telephone Circle 205-1571-1572

   OED has "city slicker" from 1924.  FWIW, this is from THE STEWARD, August
1922, pg. 16, col. 1:

   The farmers don't want it for themselves, although they think it is fine
for the "city slicker."

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