T-Button & Incubands

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Tue Dec 5 02:42:57 UTC 2000

    These are two words we're going to hear more of.


   From the WALL STREET JOURNAL, 4 December 2000, pg. A9A, col. 2:

_PR Newswire Releases to Add "T-Button"_
_To Give Net Surfers Option of Transaction_
(...)  The new news release contains what PR Newswire calls a "T-button"--the T stands for "transaction"--that lets would-be customers access more information on the company issuing the news, order its products and even buy some of its stock from a specified online brokerage.


   From the FINANCIAL TIMES, 4 December 2000, pg. 10, col. 3:

   The incubator, called Brightstar, was launched last week, nine months after the order had been given in April.  During its gestation, the project spawned 11 "incubands", fledgling companies that will be spun off from the parent, with BT holding a minority stake in each. (...)
   After March, however, incubators rapidly fell out of favour, as investors realised that many of the ideas they fostered were no-hopers.  "Incubator" became a dirty word and companies insisted instead that they were  "investment vehicles", "internet growth advisers" or similar.

("Incuband" has no Dow Jones hits just yet, but watch for it.  Also with the article is a cartoon that shows a lunch invitation with P.B.A.I.--Please Bring An Idea--ed.)

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